Cosy and Comfortable Riverside Cottage
at the Gateway to the Broads


Bure Cottage

37 Peninsular Cottages, Wroxham

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Bure Cottage Fishing

Fishing from Bure Cottage

Qualities of a Good Fisherman:

• Patience
• Persistence
• Competitiveness
• Analytical – learns from success or mistakes
• Enjoys Solitude

Local Angling Supplies
Wroxham Angling Centre, 20 Station Rd, Hoveton NR12 8UR - turn right by The Kings Head, tel: 01603 782400. And just-opened Angling Direct, opposite Roy's Food Hall, tel: 01603 782453.

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All below pictures at Bure Cottage:

The waters around Bure Cottage are full of opportunity. Brimming with bream, pike and roach. Over the past few decades, clearer water has encourage many fish to return to the Broads.

Norfolk Broads Waters
All of the Norfolk Broads are tidal. Although Wroxham is over 20-miles down river from the sea, waters there rise and fall over 4-inches. So to get an edge fishing, it maybe worthwhile checking the tide tables. When the water starts flowing back to the sea, it takes about an hour for the fish to settle and start feeding. That’s when the fish are hungry – the anglers’ sweet-spot.

You’re free to fish anywhere on the Peninsular Marina site. Perch and roach love hiding deep under boats! It’s also well worthwhile hiring a day dingy or electric boat. To try your luck fishing from quieter parts of the River Bure or some of it’s free moorings. Bring refreshments and a few beers.

Fishing Seasons
Many anglers visit every spring and autumn. Late in the year when the Bure River cools, many fish swim into little outlets like the one beside Bure Cottage - then in the winter when cold slows the fish, catching them becomes easier.

In the summer, smaller fish are attracted by bread used to feed ducks – so they’re keen on ground bate. Although sweetcorn, maggots and pellets also work. Roach are good to catch during the day, and tench by night. Bream is best at dawn or dusk. Carp are a rarer catch, preferring deep water – but if you land bream, there may be some nearby. The River Bure is famous for its large pike, with 20lb common. Early or late in the day is the best time.

Fishing Licence
Fishing is free with a rod licence purchased from the post office or online here, but river fishing is forbidden out of season from 15th March to 15th June. However, there’s few private lakes around Wroxham full of carp, offering fishing 12-months a year, like Beeston Lake, Neatishead, tel: 01692 630688. Those under 12 don’t need a licence.

Fishing from Bure Cottage

Fishing From Bure Cottage

Bure Cottage Catch

Fishing at the Peninsular Gardens, Wroxham
Fishing from Bure Cottage
A catch at Bure Cottage
Fishing from Bure Cottage

Peninsular Fishing

Boat Fishing on the River Bure, Norfolk

River Bure Fishing